About VersaClaim, Inc.

Hi! Iím Ken Stephenson. We founded VersaClaim over a decade ago with the vision of helping people. Over the past 14 years, weíve helped thousands:

Some with Benefit questions, some with real issues, like why isnít this insurance company paying my claim? Most of the time, it is a communication problem between your provider and the insurance company. Once corrected, everything works out. As of today, we have 100% closure on claims issues.

You buy insurance for the unexpected. If you know your knee needs to be replaced AND you know what replacing it will cost, you would save up for it, right? Unfortunately, you donít know if your knee needs to be replaced and you donít know what it is going to cost. What is going on within your body, right this moment? Are you going to need a knee replaced? Are you going to have a heart attack, stroke, or even develop cancer? You have no idea what fixing the problem is going to cost. Even the Providers delivering the service canít tell you with certainty what it is going to cost. That is why you get insurance.

So why use us?

As a small business owner, I understand the challenges facing businesses today. Did you know, health Insurance is the same price for the same non-smoker, same gender person of the same age, and in the same county? The difference between one Broker and another is service and knowledge. There are no pricing wars in health insurance. We can offer different plans, models and suggestions on how to lower your premium dollars, but the price is the price.

Did you know it cost you nothing to use a Broker or Agent? Brokers and Agents are paid by the insurance companies for their services. You donít save any money dealing directly with the Insurance Carriers to purchase your insurance.

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